Great news for Woodburn Virginia Residents!

The physicians and staff at NOVA Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Associates are committed to providing excellent care in all aspects of pulmonary medicine, sleep disorders, and critical care illnesses.
We offer the following services in the Woodburn area: 
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Insomnia Treatment
Asthma Treatment
We also offer Pulmonary Medicine services at Inova Loudoun Hospital and Stone Springs Hospital Center.

About Woodburn, VA

In Virginia, there lies a small town called Woodburn. In this town, there is a population of roughly two-thousand people in an area the size of less than 3 square miles. 

While it is a very small town by all measurements, it boasts the most beautiful, natural landscapes. Woodburn, VA is a lovely place to go if you want to be somewhere close to many other cities with a rich history. 

About the Area

The small community of Woodburn resides in northern Virginia, just a short distance from Leesburg. In Loudoun County, this quaint town has many beautiful homes and rich history. 

The town is only a short drive away from Washington DC, the US capital. Being so close to DC means that residents of Woodburn can have the benefits of both living in a small town and being close to a large, bustling, city. 

Things to Do in Woodburn

Being located close to DC means that this town has easy access to all the events happening in the nation’s capital. It has a touch of everything from politics to farmers’ markets. 

Being in Loudoun County, known as “DC’s Wine County,” it provides even more excitement as well. 

There are exciting attractions near Woodburn for anyone, including outdoor hiking and horseback riding, as well as spas and wellness centers. Additionally, because there is such a deep history from this section of the country, there are many cultural attractions. You’ll find art galleries, stage theater, and even a ballet company. 


Woodburn is one of the smallest towns in the country. But its proximity to the capital and large neighboring cities make Woodburn the best of both small towns and big cities. With many historical attractions, there is something here for everyone.