Great news for Fairfax Virginia Residents!

The physicians and staff at NOVA Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Associates are committed to providing excellent care in all aspects of pulmonary medicine, sleep disorders, and critical care illnesses.
We offer the following services in the Fairfax area: 
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Insomnia Treatment
Asthma Treatment
We also offer Pulmonary Medicine services at Inova Loudoun Hospital and Stone Springs Hospital Center.

About Fairfax, VA

The City of Fairfax is bustling with fun things to do, no matter the time of year. With a mixture of vibrant city life, small-town charm, and near the gorgeous Great Falls, it’s one of the state’s best-kept secrets.

If you’re looking to take a short day trip or have a more extended stay, Fairfax, VA is a great place to explore. Discover here more about the town’s history and the activities you can enjoy there. 

A Bit of History

Fairfax County is in Northern Virginia, with the city of the same name nestled in its borders. 

The town was a former colonial settlement, first by Thomas Fairfax, a subject of King Charles, and later developed by farmers from the Tidewater region. The first battle of the Civil War on land took place here. 

Things to Do 

Fairfax, VA is rich with things to do for children and adults alike. The large mall in the center of the city offers an outstanding shopping experience, complete with stores, restaurants, and cafés. 

A cinema, theater, bowling alley, and ice skating rink provide fun activities for all the family, while the Fairfax Firearms Museum and other heritage sites offer a more educational outlook. A golf course also rests within Fairfax, ideal for the more sporty types. 

Beyond this, the city is home to a farmers market, many arts events, and excellent wineries and breweries. However, for those who prefer to wander on the outskirts, there are plenty of stunning parks, long hiking routes, and other outdoor activities such as farm and wildlife explorations. 

The city is accessible via train and multiple buses. The many transportation options make it easy for visitors to explore the town with low travel costs. 

If you are looking to visit the City of Fairfax, you’re in for an exciting adventure. There’s so much to do that planning in advance will help you get the best out of your trip. You won’t be disappointed!